Sous Vide Ribeye Steak

Here’s how I made the perfect Ribeye steak (medium rare) via the Sous Vide cooking method.

Step 1. Buy steak!  I bought a huge roast for a cheaper price and then had the butcher cut it up.

Step 2. I seasoned my steak with garlic powder, pepper, and Lawry’s salt.  Then I vacuumed sealed my ribeye using my foodsaver vacuum.  I planned to sous vide one steak and I put the rest in the freezer for future awesomeness.

Step 3. Set your Sous Vide to your desired temperature.  130F – 140F for medium rare.  I choose to set mine to 55.5 C which is about 132 F.  You can see the temperature of the water bath in my rice cooker is at an actual of 55.2 C and the target temperature of 55.5 C below it.  I let it heat up to 55.5C before putting in my steak.

Step 4. I place my vacuum-sealed ribeye into my rice cooker.  Pictured below is the result after 1.5 hours (which I recommend as the minimum).    I’ve tried letting it sit for 4 hours before and it still came out perfect!  The magic of sous vide :-)

Here’s another picture of how the ribeye looks in the sealed bag  after 1.5 hours.

Step 5. Take out the steak and remove it from the bag.  You can even save the liquid in the bag and use it as Au Jus.  I recommend letting the steak sit for a few minutes before searing it right away.

Step 6. Yes, the steak is an ugly brown color after being in the sous vide for so long.  You can use a blow torch or hot pan to sear it in order to get the traditional steak look.  I used a stainless steal pain and seared it in butter (1.5 mins per side).

Step 7. You’re all finished!  It’s time to eat and enjoy.  I’ve made some creamed spinach to go along with it.  The ribeye came out delicious.  It was very tender and the perfect medium rare.

You can see that it’s the perfect pink all the way to the very edge!  Try to get that on a grill.

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