Eating at the Best! Yelp Agrees :-)

Day 1

Hong Kong Eatery

Roast Chicken, BBQ Pork, and Roast Duck

Hong Kong Eatery (Chinese)
4 stars, ~150 reviews, $

In the middle of chinatown, quick service restaurant with communal tables.
Recommend getting the Roast Duck, Wonton Noodle Soup and Scallion pancakes.

Winsor Dim Sum Cafe (Chinese)
4 stars, ~160 reviews, $
Also in chinatown, this was the other choice for us to have an early lunch at, but we ran into HK Eatery first.  Looks yummy though.

Beacon Hill area
Historical area with charm, cobblestone streets, amazing architecture
Close to the garden and common.  Place to just walk around.
Walked to Acorn Street – Most photographed street in the US

Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll !!!

James Hook & Co Lobsters (Seafood Market)
4.5 stars, ~110 reviews, $$

I love this place.  Their cold lobster rolls are the best!
Big chunks of lobster in every bite.
You can also buy fresh live lobsters at $6.99/lb.
Bought some back to our rented apartment to steam for dinner :-)

Prudential Center for shopping
Normal shopping center mall.  Walked around while waiting for the Duck Tour that departs from here.

Boston Duck Tours
4 stars, ~250 reviews
They offer discounts for students.  The tour will take you on a drive through the city, then drive right into the Charles River where it transforms into a boat. ha!
Great views and the tour guides are fun.

Day 2

Neptunes Oyster (Seafood)
4.5 stars, ~540 reviews, $$$
Get there early and expect an hour wait.  It’s a very small restaurant in the North End.
Known for their HOT lobster rolls at $25.  Clam chowder is very light and brothy.

Mike’s Pastry (Bakery)
4 stars, ~900 reviews, $
This is a MUST TRY for their cannolis.  Best Cannoli Ever.  Period.  Expect long lines too.
Pistachio, chocolate chip and espresso cannolis are my favorites.

Freedom Trail
4.5 stars, ~130 reviews
Basically you can follow a trail that will go through many historical sites.
Easy to walk around on your own to see sites from Quincy Market to Paul Revere’s house.

Giacomo’s (Italian)
4.5 stars, ~510 reviews, $$
Famous Italian restaurant in the north end.  Also expect a wait.
I do NOT recommend the butternut squash ravioli, it was too sweet.
I would instead get the lobster and frutti di mare platter… looked amazing.

Finished off the night with some friends at a local bar.
Keep an eye out for boston’s bluberry beer on tap.

Day 3

Crema Cafe

Crema Cafe

Crema Cafe (Coffee, Sandwiches)
4 stars, ~320 reviews, $$

Located in Harvard square.  Excellent baked goods, soups, sandwiches.
Recommend the sweet potato sandwich – comes with sprouts, apple slices, avocado

L.A. Burdick Chocolate Cafe (Chocolates!)
4.5 stars, ~430 reviews, $$
They were closed for remodeling when I tried to go :'(
I was really looking forward to trying their Dark hot chocolate and treats.

Mount Auburn Cemetery
5 stars, ~65 reviews
Um, yeah, so this is a cemetery, but it’s supposedly BEAUTIFUL.  Must have 5 stars for a reason.  We had planned to go, but it required getting on a bus from Harvard and we didn’t want to miss our Hahvahd Tour coming up.  Next time.

Hahvahd Tour
5 stars, ~15 reviews, $
Student led walking tour of Harvard University.  It’s suggested $10/person.
Very enjoyable, the campus is beautiful!  Also check out the Harvard business school on your own.

JP Licks – In Harvard Square (Ice Cream)
4 stars, ~100 reviews, $
After the tour, stopped by JP Licks for some homemade ice cream.

Lobster Sandwich

Lobster Sandwich

Alive & Kicking Lobsters (Seafood Market)
4.5 stars, ~80 reviews, $$

Not quite as good as James Hook & Co Lobsters.
Tried out the lobster rolls here and bought more live lobsters for an after dinner snack.

MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
5 stars, ~60 reviews
Already saw Harvard, might as well check out the other smarty school.

Hungry Mother (Southern food)
4.5 stars, ~440 reviews, $$$
Very popular restaurant with excellent reviews close to MIT.
Looking forward to eating dinner here all day and turns out they are CLOSED on mondays!  Sadness

The Jersey Shore Burger

Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage (Burgers)
3.5 stars, ~520 reviews, $$

Came here instead since Hungry Mother’s was closed due to recommendations from locals. Most burgers have witty names.  It’s on the pricey side, $12 for a fancy burger! I recommend “The Jersey Shore” burger with homemade onion rings.

Day 4

Atlantic Fish Company (Seafood)
4 stars, ~300 reviews, $$$
Last meal in boston before we took bolt bus to New York.
BEST Clam chowder ever.  Chunky, full of clams, heavenly…

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